Change the way you take care of your Yoni :)

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for female genitalia. Sanskrit is the oldest language. The word Yoni translated means "sacred space." Using the word Yoni refers to your entire female anatomy. Yoni steaming has been traced back to the Mayan and central American people hundreds of years ago. What makes my Yoni steams different is that I careful put together a blend of locally grown organic herbs specific to what your Yoni needs are.


The Yoni kit comes with the steam seat that fits right onto your toilet and folds in for easy storage. It also comes with your choice of Yoni soap which is Organically handmade and designed exactly for  your Yoni it helps with PH balance and made with natural ingredients that are just right for your Yoni. You will also receive a bundle of white sage to help clear your mind from negativity and helps you meditate into relaxation. each order of herbal blends is enough for two steams and you may reuse the same herbs up to two times. All products are also sold separately. Feel free to email me any questions you may have about steaming or herbal blends.



What ladies are saying!

"The herbs have been a real Godsend for me. I suffer from debilitating cramps and used to manage the pain with prescription strength pain killers. A friend introduced me to this option about a year ago and it's definitely changed my life. It's taken my pain level from completely unbearable to totally manageable. I'd highly recommend anyone who's looking for relief without turning to narcotics. It's been a genuine blessing. Thanks for the amazing product!" — Lucy


"I started having very heavy periods and doctors couldn't figure out why as my hormone levels were ok. Something lead me to do to these yoni cleanses... I first did it 3 consecutive days and once a month. My cycle is back to normal from 24 days to now 27, I have bright red flow, and no heavy clotting. I also saw what looked to be a polyp expelled , after my 5th cleanse and I felt a huge relief after I passed it. THIS WORKS!!!!" — Dee


I used Divine Yoni herbs to steam and I loved the experience. One thing I noticed is that the pain I usually experience associated with my ovlulation did not occur last cycle! Also, The blood at the start of my next period was a bright and healthy red. This is after steaming just ONCE! I will be purchasing this herbal blend again and again and again. Thank you so much!!!" — Dankay


"I have been steaming once every couple weeks for about three months now and I have noticed a huge shift in how I connect to myself as a woman. I am more aware of my femininity, both physically and spiritually. My cramps have decreased significantly and I find that I am getting much better at working with my instincts and intuition. Yoni steaming as a ritual practice has also brought a certain level of spiritual awareness and stability to my life which makes me feel much more connected to my inner being and to nature and spirit." — Stephanie D


"On my period I normally vomit, have chills and feel faint leaving me unable to focus or walk, so work or school is out of the question. The flow would be heavy and last 8-10 days. The cramps would be in any place you could imagine! This takes over a large portion of my life. I used the Divine Yoni herbal blend twice...today I got my period and... I'M WALKING! I'm headed to work!!! Right now!! and I can't believe it!... I'M SO SO HAPPY to have found this product." — Tala


"I am delightfully appreciative of the lovely aroma and gentleness while thoroughly cleansing. I felt a positive difference in just one use and noticed improvement it my first cycle after indulging in this healthful practice. I feel it uplifted my femininity and brought pleasure to both my temple and soul. Thank you so very very much." — Cristina


"I am happy to say that my results so far are amazing. I used to have excruciating painful periods, to the extreme that I would have to stop what I was doing and lie down in a fetal position. The pain was so bad it would literally stop me in my tracks and basically ruin my day. I hated having to go to work when I had my periods. Not to mention my flow was so heavy,  I would bleed through my clothing.  I even tried heat and massage to help soothe the pain. Pain meds were a last result which I had to take to get through my work shift. Now, after using the yoni steams a few times I am  happy to say my periods are a breeze. They are lighter than they were, less gushing, very minimal discomfort. I went from using a tampon and double pads to just one pad. Thanks Divine Yoni for sharing this wonderful ancient secret." — Linda J


"Yoni steaming is ceremonial for me. It has become a beautiful, loving part of my self-care. My moon cycles are now 5 days instead of 3, my blood flow is constant and fluid. I used to have severe cramping, and this has greatly diminished after only a few months of use. My blood is now a beautiful, bright, red whereas before it was very dark and clumpy. I feel lighter and healthier."  — Gloria